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Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department

As the 3rd largest industry in the state, Tourism is big business for Oklahoma!

In 2020, tourism contributed $7.1 billion to Oklahoma’s economy in direct visitor spending, generating $569 million in state and local tax revenue. Tourism dollars save Oklahoma residents significant sums each year, equating to a savings of $710 per household. The industry is supported by 104,800 jobs with a payroll of $2.5 billion.

In 2020, Oklahoma’s tourism industry generated:

direct visitor travel spending
state and local tax revenues
direct earnings generated by travel spending
0,450 JOBS
direct employment generated by travel spending

The Travel Promotion Division coordinates the agency’s marketing and promotions efforts. The division administers programs designed to build awareness of the state as a destination and educates on the economic importance of the Oklahoma travel and tourism industry.

The state parks system is an integral part of tourism and one of the most significant recreational components for our citizens. State parks command a significant amount of our attention as we continue to protect and preserve their fragile ecosystems.