Tourism Industry Research & Reports

Explore this section for up-to-date reports on visitation, advertising effectiveness, and the economic impact of Oklahoma’s travel and tourism industry.

For research inquiries, contact:

Chase Horn
Director of Communications

Research Summaries and Infographics

Overview of the industry’s economic impact. Includes information on traveler spending, visitation, job creation, tax revenue, and the industry’s state and local impact.

Economic Impact Study

Dean Runyan Associates – This report describes the direct economic impacts of travel to and through the state of Oklahoma and each of its counties since 2010, included is the level of travel spending and the impact this spending has on the economy in terms of earnings, employment and tax revenue. The House and Senate districts data is available only for the most recent years.

Visitation & Visitor Profile

Omnitrak – Provides insight on visitors’ markets of origin, purpose for travel, planning sources, decision timing along with a variety of trip characteristics, including destination, length, total spend and satisfaction.

TNS Global Market Research – Visitor volume, including demographics, trip purpose, mode of transportation, trip length, trip activities, transportation, accommodations, expenditures, satisfaction, and trip planning insights.

Advertising Effectiveness

Longwoods International – Measures the effectiveness of OTRD’s advertising campaign to determine the impact on interest in visiting OK, driving actual visitation and generating a positive ROI.

Attribution Analytics & ROI

Arrivalist & Adara